Reviewd By: farmer in norfolk
Suiter 18AH 12V 18Ah Wheelchair Replacement Ultramax NP18-12 Battery
Battery on the job already. Thanks.

Reviewd By: Bob
Ultramax LI100-12BLU 12v 100Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery With Bluetooth Energy Monitor
Battery looks good and have only run one charge/discharge cycle on it so far. Bluetooth app specified will not work with any of my devices - but found another app (Berger) on the app store which gives a top level view of the charge status.

Reviewd By: Peter Tachel
C FujiEnergy Alkaline
I used to spend 4 pounds on a pack of Duracell and I needed to buy 4 packs per dispenser, Used these C batteries which lasted longer and never looked back.

Reviewd By: admin
ULTRAMAX 12V 40A (38AH 42AH 44AH) AGM/GEL Leisure & Mobility Application Battery
Recommended torque value M6: 7 N-m (71kgf-cm) Maximum allowable torque value M6: 9 N-m (92kgf-cm)

Reviewd By: Michael
Li18-12, 12v 18Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate, LiFePO4 High Capacity Deep Cycle Battery, Charger Included.
These lithiums have replaced my sealed lead acid batteries that were pre installed in my Pride Apex Rapid with 17ah battery box. As they were now in series in the box, I bought a 24v 2amp lithium charger with XLR connector.Went for a very long ride for several miles and back. No drop of power on the gauge whatsoever. I think these would fit all the Pride GoGo series with 17/18ah battery box as well. Just make sure you have the T3 terminals as pictured with nuts and bolts. Expensive yes, but these last several times longer than Gel or Lead Acid batteries. Also about a quarter of the weight. I’m sure lithium batteries will come as standard in the not so distant future. Am so pleased I purchased these. Recommend the batteries and BatteryMasters for excellent price and fast next day delivery.

Reviewd By: John Cook
Li22-12S, 12v 22Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate, LiFePO4 Battery, Charger Included.
Great Product just arrive and replaced my old SLA battery. Charger was included as a bonus

Reviewd By: emil
Silent Knight LCR12V4PF 12V 4.5Ah Alarm Replacement Ultramax NP4.5-12 Battery
Ultramax Brand is great value

Reviewd By: emil
Fuji Energy watch batteries pack of 30
great value