Quality Policy

Battery Masters trademark is licensed and operated by Baruch Enterprises Ltd. Baruch Enterprises Limited offers a professional supply and distribution service of batteries and
associated retail products to a wide customer base within the UK.

This goal will be achieved through the creation of a total quality culture that underpins all our
activities on a day-to-day basis.

To achieve this objective the organisation has adopted:

BS EN ISO9001: 2015 – Quality Management Systems Requirements

The following will be fundamental to the achievement of our quality culture:

• The quality policy will be appropriate to the purpose and contextual issues faced by the
• Will assist with promoting our strategic objectives (set out within our objectives
• Provides a framework for setting measurable quality objectives
• The organisation will ensure that applicable requirements where required are addressed
within our QMS
• The Company will promote and foster continual improvement and improvement of the
quality system
• This quality policy shall be made available on our portal and as documented information
• The Directors will ensure adequate communication of this policy to staff, customers, and
contractors and where appropriate stakeholders. As a minimum staff and contractors will be
appraised and understand this policy
• The quality policy will be available to interested parties and stakeholders

This policy will be reviewed at the Company’s scheduled management review forums.


Emil Baruch
December 2016 V1.