Powersonic ps670, 6V 7.0 Ah Lead-Acid Rechargeable Battery

Power-Sonic PS670, 6v 7Ah Battery for standby power applications, bait more and more. 0.187" faston terminals on the top. Can be used to replace the following: Yuasa NP7-6, Yucel Y7-6, Ultramax NP7.5-6, CSB GP672F1 GP672F2 GP670F1 GP670F, Injusa High Power IJ6-7.2H,  Panasonic LCR6V7.2P LCR067P LCR067R2CH1, Panasonic LC-R067R2P LC-V069PU1, Panasonic UP-RW0645P1, DiaMec DM6-7.2, and many others.Dimensiosn (mm) 151mm x 34mm x 97.5mm Product Code : SLAPS670
Technical Specification
Power-Sonic Sealed Lead-Acid Battery, PS-670, Equivalent to Yuasa NP 7 - 6, 6 Volts, 7.0 AH, Dimensions: 152 x 35 x 94mm, Price for 1 *Power-Sonic Rechargeable Lead-Acid Battery, PS-670 *6 volts (3 cells in a series) *Nominal Capacity 20 hour rate (350mA to 5.25volts) is 7.0 A.H. *Dimensions: 152 (L) x 35 (W) x 94mm (H) , replaces Yuasa np7-6 np7.6 Equivalent to Yuasa NP 7 - 6
More Information
Weight (Grams) 1300
Battery Amperage (Ah) 7
Usage/Application of the battery standby
Product Height (mm) 94
Product Length (mm) 152
Product Width (mm) 35
Voltage 6
Product Barcode N/A
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