Leoch DJW12-5.4 T2, DJW 12-5.4 T2 12V 4.5Ah UPS Replacement Ultramax NP4.5-12 Battery

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Ultramax NP4.5-12, 12v 4.5Ah Sealed Lead-Acid High Capacity Rechargeable Battery, for standby power applications. Often used in small UPS, rechargeable torches, bathlifts, electric scooters, Lawn Mower, bait boat, burglar alarm etc. Also replaces, Rocket ES4-12 WP4-12, RS 595-053 , Panasonic LCR12V4BP, LCR12V5P LC-P125, HP4-12 BP4-12 and others. Equivalent to Yuasa NP4-12. L(mm) W(mm) H(mm) 90 70 106. Brand New - Includes: Safety guide Manufacturer Warranty - 1 year   Updating . . . Product Code : SLAUMXNP4.5-12